Join 40 Days of Gratitude

Imagine a world where you feel joyful and fully supported.

A constant radiation of joy and love of all things.

A world of gratitude.

Does this resonate?

You know deep down that you’re connected to the positive flow and good vibes of the universe, but at times feel like you’ve lost a bit of mojo. You try to ‘think positive’, but you feel like you’re just on the other side of tapping into it…if only you could quiet that negative spiral of thoughts. Yes, you are ‘only human’, but you believe that there is something out there that can give you the power to step into that joy.

The 40 Days of Gratitude course is all about building in little tools that help you tap into that infinite love and gratitude in life. You can make gratitude and joy a part of your everyday magic. The tools and exercises in the course are designed to help you work them into your life in a way that already suits you. You choose whether you use these tools to enhance your life, totally change your life, or take joy to the next level. Cultivate the things that bring joy into your life. Whether you have 2 mins or 20 mins or 60mins each day.

Are you willing to commit to just over a month (40 days) of simple, but life changing practices?

When you join me for the 40 Days of Gratitude you receive:

  • The ability to tap into that infinite love and gratitude in life.
  • Gratitude and joy as a part of your everyday magic – the magic in our day to day tasks.
  • The choice to enhance your life, totally transform your life, or to take joy to the next level.
  • Cultivate the things that bring joy into your life.
  • More self-love.
  • Connection with what you love about others.
  • Gratitude for the tough stuff like bills, and cleaning up.

What the structure looks like:

  • Weekly course info
    to help you build on your gratitude practices (whether you have some or none), and create your own.
  • Weekly videos
    to help inspire you to get on the weekly wagon of what’s going on in the course.
  • 3 minute and 10 minute meditations
    to help you connect with the gratitude already within you, and to help you recommit to the practice on those tricky days.
  • A4 printable journal/workbook
    to help you create that habit pathway in your brain by asking the right questions, to keep track of your 40 days, and to gauge your progress and notice how gratitude improves how you feel about life. Yay!
  • Worksheets
    to help you reflect on some of the stuck bits(if you choose to), and to reflect on how our perception can change our experience.
  • Lifetime course access
    to give you access to the course whenever you feel like revisiting it, or elements of it, and any future updates.

Meet Cat

Hi,  I’m Cat.  A witchy mumma, and professional psychic with a background in natural healthcare.   I am deeply passionate about helping you connect with your everyday magic.  Some may say “finding the extraordinary in the ordinary”, but for me it is really about supporting you with the tools to reconnect with yourself, your true nature…which includes your inner magic.  I absolutely love the spiritual journey that life is (especially after having kids in my case), as well as everyday magic and ritual, A big part of it is consciousness, and unlocking those metaphorical doors to enjoying life.  Gratitude is an often talked about, but also overlooked key to unlocking some doors.

This course is for you if you want to..

  • Wake up everyday and recognise the great things in your life (and really feel it).
  • Wake up that joyful abundance in your daily life.
  • Open yourself up to positive energy flow.
  • Commit to making positive changes in your life.
  • Know what true gratitude feels like.
  • Enjoy the boring, annoying and mundane (yes, it is possible to love bills, washing up and laundry).
  • Create a regular gratitude practice.
  • Find gratitude an easy, natural vibe that is in your day
  • Feel gratitude for the people and situations in our life
  • Feel that gratitude and love towards yourself



How much time does this course take?
There are weekly course notes, and short weekly videos for 6 weeks.  The total course commitment is 40 days, but you can take as much time as you need to pace the course – you have lifetime access.
Why 40 days?
They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, and 40 days to solidify it.  40 days has also been a common time for spiritual journeys.  For me, 40 was what resonated as a length of time that would help you create change.
What happens after I join?
You will receive a welcome email confirming your membership to the course, and how to access the course material (including a resources page), with a link to our private facebook group.
Is there a daily commitment?
Yes, there are daily exercises, but it is entirely up to you how much time you spend on them.  We want this to add fulfillment to your life, so trust the timing that works for you.   You can take as long (or little) as you like on the daily activities.  A lot of them are easily added into your existing daily activities.
Is there an already printed journal available?
This is in the works.  And will be available in the near future.

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