Hello magical being,

You are here because you are meant to be here. You are peeking through the keyhole to a magical world. One that surrounds you. At the same time it is hidden to the unaware eye.   One that leads you to a truly pleasurable and magical life.

Time to hold your own key, and unlock your own magic?

Your magical pathways are below…

I’m Cat.
Earth Mother.  Luscious Lover.  Love Gusher.  Weaver of the worlds.  Authentic Writer.  Modern Day Sorceress.  Mystical Oracle.  Pleasure Passionista.  Whimsical witch.  Conscious Cook.
Magical Being.

Explore here, and trust which way calls you best to 

Are you ready to hold your own key, and unlock your own magical life?

Choose the magical pathway that calls to you…

Be a part of this sacred space of ancient and shared wisdom.  Be held in your essence, on a journey to live a  pleasure filled life, full of everyday magic, ease following your intuition, and live a life being authentically you!

Magical Mornings make for magical days.  Tap into the magic that is all around you using your morning rhythm (and you don’t even need to add time to your day).
Connect with the joy that is in your life and all around you.  Weekly themes, videos and exercises for 6 weeks to change your gratitude habit.  Journals and meditations to keep you on track over the 40 days.
Explore your #SexMagic in a practical way

Learn about the stages of orgasm in your body, and the 10 different types of orgasms you can play with and experience.

Fun and sexy ways to bring more play or foreplay to your relationship (or sexy buddy).  This randomly generates a card for you to play with (25 cards in total).
Are you already a key holder to Everyday Magic?