I’m SO excited that you’ve landed on this page.  I love to share Everyday magic, and Magical Mornings is the best way to get started. I trust that you are here, reading this because magic is calling you, it is all around us, and this page is your choice to take that step into your own magic!

MAGICAL MORNINGS is a 9 day process on how to magic up your mornings.. we start with ways to help you reconnect with your everyday magic, and how to make it most effective.  Once you wake up your magical power and bring it into the material world, we will see where you can tap into your everyday magic in your morning.  And this is all part of what I’ve discovered through living a magical life day to day.

This isn’t about trying to find extra time, especially if you’re not a morning person (I’m not one)! If you are a morning person you can take extra delight with it… either way there is joy and delight in the magic of everyday ! There is no need to pop in a ritual here and there as you do stuff. Time feels precious – I get that. It is literally using your morning ritual, rhythm, or chaos (whatever it is for you) to tap into the MAGIC that is RIGHT THERE, and is SO EASY, and yet so unknown.  You will discover how to make the most of your time with magic and setting intentions.  All of these principles can be used at any time throughout the day – that is why I love everyday magic so much!

By the end of this course you will know how to create magic by simply getting up and getting dressed, including doing your hair and accessorising.

Days of the process

Day OneConnect. We start by connecting, so our magic is effective. This day includes a Connecting with your senses meditation.

Day TwoGrounding. This helps you bring your magic into the world and make it worldly (or ‘real’). Including a grounding meditation.

Day ThreeMorning Rhythm. This is where we go though your morning and see where we can bring in the magic.

Day FourGetting up. Here is I share my Magical Morning movement, and have an audio to walk you through it.

Day FiveBreakfast. There is so much magic in food and drink. Learn how you food can nourish you in a magical way. We also focus on that crucial morning beverage and how to tap into the magic it gives you.

Day SixBathing. Cleanse and refresh your energy, as you do your body.

Day SevenGetting Dressed. You’ve heard of ‘Dress to Impress’, but what about dressing to enhance and channel your magic?

Day EightHair. There is so much magic in hair. Today we work out what you’re doing with yours and how we can create magic with it.

Day NineAccessorising. Yes, even your accessories are magical. Find out how you can tap into that!

Final DayYour Magical Morning.  This is seeing it all put together.  You now have your magical mornings, which makes for magical days!

Is there a closing date for sign ups to Magical Mornings?
I have put it out there to the universe for this course to be seen by those who this work is for, and I do plan for Magical mornings to continue to stay open in the foreseeable future. I trust that when the time is right for you, it will be here.

Do I have to do 9 consecutive days?
The modules are ordered Day One to Day Nine, as well as a final day. I felt really called to make this process conducive to self paced learning; so I leave it up to you whether they are consecutive, or whether you choose a slower pace. Some days may take longer than others to fully absorb and feel in to. Trust what feels right for you.

Is there any ongoing support?
YES! On each of the course pages, and the hub page there is a comments section which I check regularly and we use this space as our private forum for the process.

How long are the meditations?
I try to keep the meditations around 5 minutes long so that they are doable on a daily basis, and, as promised in the course, you don’t need to add extra time into your day. They can be done as you get up in the morning and stretch, as you go to bed at night, or when you have a pause moment, or are waiting for some, or are on public transport. Use your imagination and your intuition for what times work for you.