Everyday Magic – Level 1

Instant guidance with the Magical Oracle
This oracle has been channeled and designed with specific guidance, and images so you can receive what you need to know right now, with any question, in any moment.  This is being updated as new guidance is channeled.

Rune Readings for more detailed guidance
You can choose from a single rune guidance, or a question reading detailing the past, present and future, or a full Celtic cross spread covering all aspects of your current situation, even what might be hidden.


Guided meditations to unlock your hidden magic
Guided meditations specifically designed for you to tap into and unlock your connection to the magic, and the magic that is hidden magic within you.


Members only Everyday Magic blog for all of your magical resource
This constantly added to blog include all that you need to know on living your everyday magic.  From living in sync with nature and her cycles, to cooking with magical herbs, how to use magic when you’re cleaning the house, working with your own energy, working with signs from the universe, spells and rituals (with no special equipment necessary), crystal energy, to interpreting animal messengers and symbols.  It is a guide on how to sue magic in everyday life.

Online support forum
Here you can ask questions, comment or share your experience with any of the topics discussed and information given in the blog.


Facebook group
Group support if you feel called to join.  Cat’s Everyday Magic and Readings for clarity ;  receive guidance, celebrate synchronicities,  practice your intuition, share your gratitude and work your magic.

Early Bird bonuses

Sign ups 1 – 9 receive access to Magical Mornings (normally $99)


Everyday Magic –  Level 2

All of the above features from Level 1 access

Monthly forecast and guidance 
These readings are part forecast, and part guidance on where to direct your magic for the month. The information channeled will specific to the membership circle, and you.  Divine magical wisdom + heart  magic sent directly to your email each month.

Bi-monthly live video support calls 
Bi monthly zoom calls where I hold a virtual circle.  Everyone who attends the live call receives their own time to discuss their personal magic with me (Cat).  We can discuss the monthly forecast + guidance as a group, you can ask questions, discuss how magic is happening in your everyday life, how to bring it in, what the universe is trying to tell you – the possibilities are endless.  Basically you have direct access to my experience and Everyday Magic expertise during these fun calls, and everyone benefits   All calls are recorded so you can catch up if you miss one (and you can catch the calls you missed before you were a member)

Magical Mornings program
Magical mornings make for magical days.  A nine day process on how to bring magic into your morning rhythm, without having to manifest extra time.  This course is $99 if you buy it outright.

40 Days of Gratitude program
40 Days to create a gratitude habit and practice.  Each week has a theme, and some easy activities to bring into your daily life to enhance our gratitude vibes (which attract magic).  This course is $199 if you buy it outright.

30% discount on products and services on www.readingsforclarity.com
Discount code to use of goddess crystal jewellery, earth crystals, ritual packs, psychic readings, personalised rituals, magical moon salts, gratitude journals…

Personal facebook messenger support
Direct support with me via facebook messenger, so you can reach out when you feel you need a bit of extra support with your own personal magic.

Early bird bonuses

Sign up 1 –  A choice of personalised ritual session (normally $222) to create big, powerful magic, OR 2 x psychic reading or 30 min one to one Zoom magic sessions.

Sign ups 2 – 7 receive a choice of a psychic reading (normally $65), or a 30 min one to one Zoom magic session