Click the image below for the day of the process you wish to visit.    I invite you to make use of the comments section below each day, it’s like our own little Magical Mornings support group… and I do love to hear from you.xx

Hooray!  Your journey to everyday magic has started.

I LOVE that you are here.

Do you already do a bit of magic here and there?  Do you try to stay conscious and work with the law of attraction?   Do you feel there’s opportunity for magic all around you but can’t seem to unlock it?   Did you feel a yes to any of those,  or were you simply drawn to the course?    Either way you’re in the right place!

You don’t need to be a certain way,  you don’t have to have any special gift.  I trust that the magic is already within you if you are here.

The modules are ordered by day, and I am leaving it up to you whether they are consecutive, or whether you choose a slower pace.  Some days may take longer than others to fully absorb and feel in to.  Trust what feels right for you.


The first couple of days are helping us reconnect,  then we can connect with our everyday magic.  I’ve found that becoming conscious, and grounded assures that your magic is effective.  Once we wake up our power, we will see where you can tap into your everyday magic in everyday life.  This doesn’t mean that you need to make extra time.  Time is precious – I get it.  We will be making the most of our time, through our intentions and our thoughts.

I am SO glad that you are here.  I am celebrating your magic with you!



  1. Cat Kerle

    Welcome Marion and Jen! I am so glad that you’re here. It is truly an honour to share this process with you both. Thank you for being

  2. Cat Kerle

    I feel so joyful and honoured that you have come to join us Elissa. My heart expands.

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