Are you ready to live aligned with your values in a way that invite magic and pleasure into your everyday life?

When you are connected deeply with your inner knowing, making daily decisions is much easier and you feel more flow.

This membership is all about connecting with your own inner magic, engaging with the real realm of magic in this Earthly world, and having more pleasure and pleasurable experiences.
Actually living the life of enchantment that you long for and know is possible.
💖 Engage more deeply with yourself on a soul aligned level, and feel supported and nourished as you live your soul essence more authentically.
💖Engage with the world on a magical level.  Discover the hidden magic all around you, and how you can unlock your own intuition and magic.
💖  Experience more pleasure, and notice it as more visible to you.

💖 Create rituals for yourself, and your family for daily magic, for celebration, and for intention setting.

Are you tired of questioning your own intuition?
Do you want to live your own life instead of feeling like you are living or managing someone else’s all the time?
Truly live a pleasurable, everyday life infused with actual magic and enchantment.
Have a place that you can always come to, where you can align and reconnect with yourself and your magic.

✨ Imagine being able to listen in to yourself and give your kids,  partners, friends,  colleagues, retail staff etc a clear response (without the mental flustering).
✨ Imagine feeling deeply supported and guided as you recognise messages from life.
✨ Imagine feeling a fullness and enjoyment from your day to day tasks instead of exhaustion and drained frustration.
✨ Imagine those mini moments to yourself actually filling your own cup and creating real magical transformation in your world.
✨ Manifest that parking spot out the front with ease.
✨ Actually feel and recognise the magic and energy is your body, and always around you.
✨ Have a space to remind you to come home to yourself, and realign instead of mindlessly scrolling in search of something that is already within you.
✨ Make magic and cast spells with your simple everyday tasks, like filling your own cup when you fill your glass – feel the replenishment of your self and soul.
This membership is about enchanted living-  potent magic and pleasure in your every day life!
💖💖💖 Stay connected to the enchantment of life and the messages from life! 💖💖💖
💖💖💖 Feel the potency of your own pleasure 💖💖💖
It’s like a Magical Tea Party… It starts with a cup of tea (for you and me), and evokes in a deeply warming and cosy feeling radiating from within.  A zest and magic for living. In this Magical Membership space, we go deeper, learning about and feeling into our magic.  Just as the saucer holds the tea cup, our circle holds the inner warmth, truth and pure essence of each soul being present. And, if you wish, we get together in a ritual of you, bathe you in the warmth of the tea, nourishing you with your very own essence.  Aligning with your truth and divining what needs to be heard, felt, shed and embodied.
What’s the Magical Tea Party setup?
To start off we have a 15 min cuppa (on zoom) so we can connect, and find out where your magic and your challenges lie, to get the most out of your membership.We have a monthly theme in the facebook group, so you can safely and freely explore the varying aspects in your life.As you explore what is possible…

– Receive personal guidance on a weekly basis.

– Enjoy weekly opportunities to practice and hone in your intuition, and receive mentoring and feedback to support your development.

– Get answers to your questions on magic, intuition, pleasure, spirituality, authenticity and actually living it with a fortnightly Q & A.

– Learn from a friend in the group, through hearing others’ experience on discovering their intuitive connections, magic and pleasure doorways.   Each member is invited to enjoy the spotlight for a brief live video, and share if they wish.

– Spontaneous channeled connection callings  inviting you to tune in and realign with your self, your magic and your sparkle.

– You have a comfortable space to share and connect with souls on the same journey.
 – Access to additional resources and courses as they become relevant with your personal evolution.
– 24/7 access to the Sparkle Generator (it’s like a click of guidance, magic 8 ball style oracle)
– 24/7 access to instant rune readings in your choice of 3 layout/spreads (one card, 3 card – past, present, future, and detailed 12 card Celtic cross layout)