Do you want to invite and create more pleasure and magic in your everyday life?

(If you felt a ‘yes’ or a sense of lightness, this membership is already for you.)

I believe and trust that we can have it all AND be who we are.  That is why I do what I do.  And that is why I created this membership.

Starting your #MyPleasureMembership means you chose to trade in the mediocre and mundane for PLEASURE & MAGIC!

Living a pleasurable life changed everything for me. Following my desire and choosing what brings me pleasure has led to a deeper sense of trust in myself, a feeling of total alignment and connection with the world, and a belief that I can have what I want and in an enjoyable way.

I really want my kids to grow up in a world where they are free to be themselves, and to choose a life that they love, where everything flows (including their inner knowing). And for them to live their best life, the model starts with us choosing our own joy and pleasure and living our magic.


You can…
…live a pleasurable life every day. 
No more “when I get that promotion/have a baby/find that partner/get that home…” before you enjoy life.

…love life now AND receive what you want in life,

…love your body,

…connect with your joy,

…connect and play with your partner,

…feel a world full of joy and beautiful people all around you,

..enjoy daily pleasure,

…enjoy daily life!

Life is meant to be pleasurable.   Pleasure is healthy, and following your desire and pleasure leads to connecting what you really want in life…and receiving it.

Regular pleasure

  • Regular live #PleasureInfusions and Q & A with practical ways to integrate pleasure into your day and daily life
  • #PleasureGuests chat about their specialty in choosing and expressing pleasure in life
  • Unlimited facebook group support
  • (optional) Access to the Cat’s Readings for clarity membership (weekly guidance and intuition practice)

Added pleasure

(Also included in your #MyPleasureMembership to use as you desire)

  • Unlimited access to the Sparkle generator and to Read your runes for when you need to reconnect with your sparkle
  • 40 Days of Gratitude online course – 6 weeks of ways to bring gratitude into your everyday activities
  • Magical Mornings course – A 9 day process to magic up your mornings (without adding time)
  • Sex Magic Course – Explore your #SexMagic and life force energy in a practical way
  • Meditations from all Everyday Magic courses
  • #SexMagicBooklet (digital booklet download)
  • Members only offers on digital booklets, other courses and any other awesomeness that shows up