Why pleasure play?
Because sometimes you need a spark, a nudge or an idea to get the vibes going between you both.

Imagine this…

You and your lover…

20 mins of alone time..

don’t know what to do?

don’t feel sexy?

want to spice things up?

want to invite more playfulness?

Login to the Pleasure Play – Partner Play online card shuffler…


Shuffle shuffle, what do you find?

A lucky dip into a fun, playful, sensual and sexual lightness with your lover.

You both feel satisfied and easily connected post play.


Pleasure play – partner play cards (online shuffler) –  Login to this online card shuffler on the website.  When you click, a card is revealed at random, and gives a suggestion on how to play with your partner.  You click to pick.  There are 25 cards in the deck in total.  The cards can be reconnecting, fun, playful, sensual or very sexy foreplay.  It is like an online ‘magic 8 ball’ of pleasure play (you click instead of shake it).

This access is suitable for over 18s

Printed card decks now available for purchase here.