Enjoy added pleasure in your life – supported by a mentor <3

#PleasurePlus is for when you’re ready to go deeper. It is more intensive and about really cultivating authentic expression and feeling free to be with that. Living the pleasure and magic. 80 mins of 1:1 zoom video calls per month and facebook messenger support and guidance for two months.

We can work on pleasure in any aspect of life… the pleasure spectrum (anything from self care to more fun to sex magic), bringing magic into everyday life, cultivating your inner knowing, being freely you and expressing you, body love… And anything else that shows up.

I weave my magic with you using intuitive guidance, ritual and everyday magic, counselling, life experience (on being a delicious weirdo who doesn’t always live life like the norm), and a compassionate heart to hold your hand a be your torch bearer on this part of your path.