In theme with, and a more practical addition to the Sex Magic Booklet, this is a 3 part play as you go course (with lifetime access).

SExplore:  Explore your #SexMagic in a practical way
Share-ability:  Share and connect with others on the same journey
Manifesting:  Use your intention to manifest using #SexMagic
Choice:  Choose which level of everyday pleasure that you feel comfortable with and go at your own pace
Support:  A practical course with a sense of support and encouragement

💋 Realise how powerful your sexual energy actually is

💋 Feel radiant from the inside out

💋 Feel like the divine sexy that you are, even when you’re doing housework

💋 Play with the art of play

💋 Attract your lover

💋 Feel safe and free to be sexy

💋 Learn exactly how to use sex magic to manifest

The Modules

  • Explore you
    • Reconnect with yourself and know what lights up your inner sparkle (and what doesn’t)
    • Make self care and self love an everyday thing
      • This helps you get clear on knowing your energy, your intention, and allowing the energy channel to open.
  • Play with pleasure
    • Enjoy discovering what turns you on
    • Play with your sex magic energy
    • Everyday ways to play with your desire
      • This is where you begin to play with the magic and play with #SexMagic specific techniques
  • Enhance and enchant your life with #SexMagic
    • Creating, manifesting, releasing and receiving
    • Setting your intention and working your magic with sex and orgasm
      • This is where you learn how to use the magic to benefit you and your life!


The format

  • Instructional video discussing the topic of the module
  • Written pieces containing the main points of the modules
  • Journalling prompts and questions to help you go deeper and find your specific brand of #SexMagic

There is also a private forum available on the course pages where you can receive support from me and others doing the course too.


  • Access to the Sparkle Generator.  An online oracle designed for you to receive guidance with one tap, and reconnect with your inner sparkle.   It’s like picking a virtual card.
  • Sex Magic Booklet (normally $44)