Welcome to the Sex Magic Course

Welcome!  I am so honoured that you’re here.  I AM CELEBRATING YOU for taking this powerful, magical step.

I invite you to come and introduce yourself in our private forum.

How to navigate the course

Each module is below.  The course material for each module is underneath it.   Start with the top, and work your way down to include the sexy pieces (the journal questions are at the end of the module).  Work across the modules if you want to gradually go deeper and leave the sexy bits until you feel more comfortable.   There is a video audio or written piece for both the pleasure piece, and the sexy bit of each module.  At the end we have the journaling questions, which you can answer in a journal, a document or in the private sex magic course forum.  The group is there at any time to celebrate, reach out, and to support you and the other members in the group.  It is a safe space, free of judgement.

The Everyday Pleasure piece
Video  + Written or Audio

The Sexy bit
Video + Written or Audio


Ongoing support and regular check-in options in the private course forum (the facebook group has been retired).

Module 1:  Explore You

Module 1:  Explore You is designed to support you in igniting your inner sparkle so that you can connect with, and identify your sexual energy.  Feel your life force energy.  Activate your creative energy.   Own inner super power.

And it is super fun!  You get to explore your pleasure and desire.

The teenage years are often significant years in your individuation and knowing yourself and knowing what you love.  In our teenage years we also experience a lot of ways to suppress and avoid our desires.  You may have been conditioned to feel shame about your desires, or to suppress them in a number of different way.   I want you to know that your innate desires are not wrong, there is nothing wrong with them.   Your desires are an inkling of what lights you up.  It shows you where your magic lies.

As a teen you may have been a “hugger”, you may have enjoyed deep conversations, or big parties, you may have enjoyed sports, crystals, horse riding, make up, you name it.

To use one of my experiences as an example,  I was into the worlds (of spirit and alien), and crystals.   And now, following what I feel called to, I offer psychic readings, and work with crystals.   Stepping into following this desire, where my essence lies, means I live between the worlds (and no scary experiences with spirits happen because of suppression), and although I don’t use crystals for as much myself these days, they are very much a significant stepping stone on tuning into different energies within.

Make a list [Action step]

Make a list of all of the things that lit you up, and were enjoyable experiences as a teenager (free of judgement, it can be anything).  Notice where it takes you, and what you feel about those things now.

Experiment with the list, and try one each day and see if it lights you up still.

Follow your desire [Action step]

So take a moment to reconnect with yourself.  Feel into you.  Grab a cuppa, a smoothie, sit in the sunshine, do something where you feel relaxed and something that makes you smile.  Feel into you.  Ask yourself where your magic lies, and where your sexual energy lies.  Notice how it feels in your body, do you sense a colour or a texture, or something else.  A feeling perhaps?  Are they in the same space, or different?  Now connect with that inner joy in your heart, your deep innate joy.  Being aware of all of the spaces within you were these lie is a way to connect with the energy.

Ask yourself “What do I want right now?”  and notice your answer.  Follow it.

If it is something you cannot follow right now, book it in.  If it still feels like it isn’t possible, dig a bit deeper and notice what it is that you really want, and how you can meet that need now.  For example, a massage could mean you want touch, warmth, time for you etc when you break it down.  If you’re not sure.  Allow yourself to not know, and try again at a different time.

When you feel ready, move on to part two – the sexy bits.

Module 1: Explore You - The everyday pleasure piece (Audio)

by Cat Kerle | Sex Magic Course


The sexy bit

So, you get the gist here.  Take some time to connect with what you enjoy sexually and what you did as a teen.   Here I am not just talking about sexual acts.  I am talking about fantasy, attraction, flirtation, touches, feelings, environments, clothes, interactions.  Anything that feels sexy or turns you on, or that has in the past.  Part of the Sex Magic process is to really know and own it within you. And that alone causes amazing results!

I want to remind you here that fantasy is different to reality.  Your actions count.  Just like a larger desire may be narrowed down to a need or a more specific desire (e.g. massage example in the everyday pleasure piece), so can fantasy.  So fantasise freely without judgement or concern of who or what it is about.

Take some time to add to the list a section of sexual things you fantasised  about as a teen, and notice what you fantasise about now.   Add what you like to look at, to receive, to give, what situations and where you feel sexy.   You are free to explore this to your own comfort level.

If you feel it aligns with you, I also recommend exploring specific sexual touch.  Take some time self pleasuring, even for a brief moment and play with what feels good and what doesn’t.  Ask yourself “What do I want right now?” in those moments of self pleasure and sexual pleasure.  Make notes.

Enjoy 😉

Module 1: SExplore you - The sexy bit (Audio)

by Cat Kerle | Sex Magic Course


Journal questions to explore

Answer these questions in your journal, or in a document, or in our private forum.

  • What situations and experiences did you enjoy as a teenager?
  • What hobbies or activities did you enjoy as a teen?
  • What situations and experiences do you enjoy as an adult?
  • What hobbies and activities do you enjoy now?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10 how much to the ignite and light your inner sparkle?
  • Have you noticed any common themes between teen you and current you?
  • What experiences do you think you might enjoy and haven’t tried yet?
  • What sexual fantasies did you enjoy as a teenager?
  • What sexual fantasies do you enjoy now?
  • What clothes or activities made you feel sexy as a teen?
  • What makes you feel sexy now?
  • What sexual interactions did you enjoy as a teen?
  • What sexual interactions do you enjoy now?

Ask in any moment you want to connect or deepen your connection

  • What do I want right now?

Module 2:  Play with Pleasure

Module 2: This module is all about consciously playing with being sexy and doing sexy things.  As well as observing how you feel within yourself, about yourself, and how the world (and others) around you respond.
Take some time to pick some of the practices that resonate with you, or have you curiosity flowing and take notes (some questions to play with are below in the journalling section).


I really enjoy playing with these ones as I feel awesome, sexy, desirable and life is so enjoyable in general AND I attract the attention from my lover without even trying.   It is a happy side effect of feeling and revelling in your own pleasure.  Pleasure is a magnet for more.

I want to reassure you that you can feel and be sexy for yourself, without having to consummate or be responsible for anyone else’s actions.     Trust what you feel comfortable with.  Yes there are moments where you may feel discomfort when you try something new.  Sit with it and allow yourself to flow and grow through that moment.  If it is starting to stress you out, take it down a notch and build up to the next level.  I trust that you know what is aligned with you.
Ask yourself what you want
We did this last module.  Keep it up (or pick it up again).
Enjoy yourself
This one is pretty straight forward, do something each day (multiple times a day if you can) that you enjoy.  When your cup is full, it is much easier to feel desirable.
Dancing (especially hip swirling)
Getting your hips moving in circles or figure 8s really awakens your sexual energy (particularly for women).  Put on some music that feels sexy and go for it.  Feel the music moving  through your body.   This one is great practice for sex magic vibe manifesting, and can be its own way of manifesting.
Greet yourself lovingly
When you wake up each morning, look at yourself in the eye and say something along the lines of “Good morning gorgeous” (I greet myself as a goddess).  To take it to the next step you can greet each body part, or your entire body and share what you like about it.  And, if you’re feeling brave, you can dance for yourself in front of the mirror too. It’s actually quite fun.
Dress to feel sexy 
Wear something that you feel sexy in.  If you feel sexy your energy will be flowing, your movements and even the way you’re talking will feel sexy.  People will notice.  You can wear a whole outfit, a certain dress or pair of shorts, or an accessory, lipstick, hairstyle or special underwear (or none) that feels sexy for you.  Dress to feel good.
Connect with your senses
Play around with connecting with your senses.  You can try this guided meditation from my Magical Mornings course.  Or you can play around with your senses in any way that you like.  Bring awareness to each specific sense; sight, touch, taste, sound, smell and knowing/intuition. Do it in any given moment, or set aside a time. Pick things for each sense, or focus on one specific sense.  Notice where the pleasure lies in each.
Pleasure break
Take pleasurebreaks.  It could be something you do spontaneously, or when you are feeling a bit grumpy or stagnant or tired, or you can set a timer for them throughout the day.  Organise more pleasure breaks when you’re coming up to a deadline, or something that requires more from you.  Do something you enjoy, and that is pleasurable to you.
Delicious language
Use flirtatious and sexy language in daily life.  You can start with words that feel good like ‘delicious’ or ‘succulent’ and then more to words like ‘orgasmic‘.   There are so many words that can have a double meaning.  You don’t have to share the meaning with others if you don’t want to, it is just about playing in a way that feels fun for you.
Get vocal
Use pleasurable sounds in everyday life. e.g. eating something delicious, enjoying a snuggle, fresh sheets, the sunshine, the rain.  Whatever it is a few good “Mmmm” or “ahhh” or “oh”s from deep within will get the sexy mojo going.  Trust the natural sounds of pleasure that come.
Get naked

It may start as going bra-less or underwear free for a day, or being comfortable walking nude from the bathroom to the bedroom or laundry to get some clothes (a baby step may be in a towel, or half dressed).  You can strut around the house or dance in front of the mirror. You can sleep naked.

This is about getting comfortable in your nudity and nakedness.  And totally loving being in your body.  Being nude is really your body and your energetic essence free.  There is no shame in nakedness (or wearing less clothes), we are all embodied Goddesses.  The important part is that you enjoy the experience.
Pleasure date
This one is fun!  Mama Gena talks about treating yourself like an honoured guest.  If you can put some time aside for yourself (or you end up having time to yourself), use it for pleasure.  Use the entire time for your own pleasure.  You will fill your cup.  The purpose being to really receive the pleasure and be conscious.   Treat yourself like a Queen, or a goddess.  Relish in your own awesome.  Light candles, make (or order) a delicious meal, read a book, get a massage, go out (or stay in) and dance, try something new, play with sensual solo practices… the list is endless.  Our pleasure is all so individual.   Make your voice, touch and interactions with yourself honouring and loving, even flirtatious if you feel like it.  It may feel a bit odd at first, but trust me, it will be a whole lot of fun if you allow yourself to play.

Some of these sex magic awakening games can be played with your lover, or with your interactions that involve others who aren’t lovers.  Remember, respect of each others’ boundaries are crucial for any connection to feel safe.
Be playful
Sometimes it can be games like chasings, pillow fights, wrestling, dancing or anything that gets some movement and tension released together.  It could be flirting, playing with your sexy language.  Play scrabble with sexy words.
I’m leaving this open so you can feel free to trust intuitively where to go with your play.
Tune in to your pleasure
This one is a Mama Gena tip from Pussy:  A reclamation , and it works a treat in amping up the sex magic vibes.  Connect with your pleasure when speaking to someone (even yourself).  You can feeling into the enjoyment of connection, or think about your own pleasure, or theirs as you speak.  Even if it is chit chat.  You turn up the vibes, then theirs turn on and then you receive a kick out of the reciprocity of energy that happens.  Both of you will walk away smiling.
Experiment with the senses
This one again, but with a partner.  To add some extra fun, and tuning in to your pleasure and intuition, use a blindfold on your lover and focus on the energy you want to channel to your partner (or vice versa).

When you’re feeling warmed up, move onto the sexy bit (below).

Module 2: Play with pleasure - sensual solo practices (Audio)

by Cat Kerle | Sex Magic Course


Module 2: Play with pleasure -partner play (Audio)

by Cat Kerle | Sex Magic Course


Module 2: Play with pleasure - Sexy solo practices (Audio)

by Cat Kerle | Sex Magic Course


Module 2: Play with pleasure - Sexy partner play (Audio)

by Cat Kerle | Sex Magic Course


The sexy bit

As you know, this is where we take the play up a notch and get sexier.  Now that you’ve warmed up with the pleasure piece, let’s get into the sexy bits.


Write your own erotic fiction
This can really get the creative juices flowing!  You don’t have to be a writer for this one, and you choose whether you keep your writing or not.  This is for you, and you choose who you share it with (or not).   This can be a beautiful tool for a fantasy that you frequently have, or one that you are not able or willing to live out right now, or something that you feel shameful about enjoying.  Write it purely for the enjoyment of the fantasy experience.  Feel the energy, describe it.  Allow yourself to get into it in the writing.  It is fiction, and safe.  You can delete it or bin it, you can save and never read it, or you can read it to yourself and enjoy it.  It is entirely up to you.
Self pleasuring
Give yourself pleasure.  Enjoy the pleasure in each and every increment.  Often the more we allow freedom and the surrender of no expectations the more often things happens more pleasurably.  Do what feels right for you.   It may be that you don’t touch your genitals, and you caress your other erogenous zones.  It may be a couple of gentle strokes of yourself in the bathroom in an everyday moment just to wake up your energy with a mini pleasure break (or a hint of one).  It may be that you masturbate, and go “all the way”, with the focus being on you and your pleasure (so that means no porn, or specific ways to amp yourself up).  Simply being with pleasure.  Ideally do whatever feels pleasurable.  Trust your intuition, and go with that.
If you are someone who feels time pressure, put a timer on and play with some Pleasure 10 on your own (see below in partner play to get the idea).
If you are a woman who wants to explore more about sexual touch and pleasure for yourself, take a look at OMGYES .

Masturbation with fantasy
This one is pretty obvious.  Again, not necessarily going towards the “end goal”.  The whole concept of sex being finished after orgasm is only one concept that people use, it isn’t the only way.   In this pleasure adventure, allow yourself to intuitively go into whatever you want, this may be a fantasy or the feeling of certain movements, a memory, whatever.   The purpose here is to allow the freedom without judgement, and allow yourself to enjoy it, whatever or whoever comes up (yes, like that cute neighbour).
(side note: This intention is pure fantasy and freedom of enjoyment, not from a desire to create reality from it)
The grooming of public hair is such a fad of the times.  It is really curious as it changes to what ‘is’ sexy.  Some people feel sexier in fashion, others feel sexy natural.  Others find hairless or hairy more pleasurable.   We all have our own design and preference.  Trust what feels right for you.
Use sound in your interactions with your partner.  You can start it with an ‘mmm’ with a hug, and then as things get more sexy allow your natural sounds to flow through your body.  We are so conditioned to what we are ‘supposed’ to look and sound like (or not), this is a practice to wipe this concept clean, and discover your own ways of verbalising what you’re feeling within.  Use words if it feels right for you.   Sound alone without words works on such a deep level.  It can take you to the next level when you get out of your head and into your body.
Pleasure 10
This is a fun game.  Setting aside some time, and using a timer for 10 mins.  Take turns pleasuring each other.  For the sake of pleasure.  This will really help your connection, and your ability to be in the moment.  The dynamic of playing with energy and having that equality paves so much way for sex magic manifesting to come through too.
Sex break
Ok, this one you can do on your own too.  Basically, it is like a pleasure break, or a tea break… it involves sex.  It is a good way to refresh and revitalise your energy and release what you need. We can talk more about this in Module 3.
So if you’ve done the sensual solo stuff then you will have had a bit of a dabble at writing your own erotic fiction.  If it feels right for you, share the story with your lover, or write one specifically for them.  Connecting with the energy as you write is a big practice for sex magic manifesting


Journal questions to explore

Answer these questions in your journal, or in a document, or in our private forum.

  • What are your feelings and thoughts around pleasure?
  • How often do you allow yourself to receive it?
  • Do you leave yourself last (and do everything for everyone else first), or fill your own cup?
  • What would happen if you allowed yourself pleasure in what you are doing in the moment, and not just working towards the climax (or done ticks on the to-do list)?

To note with this module’s play exercises;

  • How did I feel within myself?
  • How do I feel about myself?
  • How did my inner world and thoughts respond?
  • How did the energy around me respond?
  • Am I noticing change?
  • What does pleasure feel like for me, in my body?

Module 3:  Enhance and enchant with Sex Magic

Module 3:  Now you know the vibe, and you’ve observed how you feel about yourself and how the energy responds… now you have the power to enhance and enchant your world with #SexMagic.  Here is where we bring it all together (and so there will only be one set of video, written and audio).

As you know from the video, I have ‘manifested’ (aligned and connected with the magic of) two big things in my life, my hubby and my easy birth.  As well as a bunch of everyday stuff, and releasing and personal development vibes.  As a teen I fantasized about hubby (having no idea who he was), and during my second bub’s pregnancy I used the power of orgasm and intention.

The steps on Sex Magic Manifesting are;

Step 1: Set your intention

Be clear of your intention, use positive language and connect with the feeling (for more details on this see below section).  Be clear on what it is you want.  It can be a single word, or a whole phrase.  Set the intention before your sexy time.

Step 2: Connect with how receiving that intention feels

Tapping into the feeling is a key part of making the magic work.

Step 3: Allow yourself to feel sexy and pleasure about it

Feel your sexual energy and the pleasure of having or receiving your intention.  You can use an anchor feeling or image if you wish.

Step 4: Feel your intention rise as your pleasure intensifies

Really feeling into the energy here and allowing the intention to expand as your pleasure does.

Step 5: Feel like “it is done” at the peak of your sexy time or self pleasuring

Allow the energy to be received and reciprocated by the universe at the climactic point or peak.  The magic is done.

Step 6: Enjoy the magical afterglow

Thank the universe if you feel called.

Trust what shows up for you in the sex, and after the sex magic is turned on and sent out into the universe.  You can often be inundated with powerful messages from life and the universe to show you your next steps towards achieving your intention.

For #SexMagic manifesting I recommend starting with this on your own.  It can be tricky to be present and connected with your partner if you are focused on tuning in to Sex Magic vibes.  After a while it will be come second nature (because it is in your innate nature), or you ill find your own groove with it.  And I want to remind you that you don’t have to be intention setting every time you have some sexy time.  And if you forget to connect with the intention because you get caught up in your connection with yourself or your lover or your pleasure.  That is totally OK, it will not ‘ruin’ the magic.  In fact, your natural nature and your psyche may do the healing and transformation needed to complete the magic.

Notes on intention setting

Getting clear of your intention
When putting any magic out there to the universe, you need to be clear on what it is that you’re asking to receive, do
or be. Think of intention setting as working WITH life or the universe. As part of a team you need clear communication, a
clear discussion, and active steps in trusting each other (I’ll get to that later on).

Language is important
I believe in choosing positive language and words that resonate.
By positive language I mean using words that clearly define what you mean, without any phrases that are saying what
you don’t want. It is the power of “I want…” vs. “I don’t want…” One is clear and defined, one actually has limitless
interpretations, bar one.

For example, if you want to clear yourself of toxic relationships, you can choose to…
…attract the kind of relationship that you want describing the healthy qualities you wish to connect with. This is
effective magic. It is being clear on what it is that you want, drawing in the qualities that you wish to draw in.
… attract non-toxic relationships This is a bit unclear as to what you want, what does non-toxic mean? Even if you
defined the qualities, you are sending those qualities out.. which is the opposite of what you want to call in.
…no toxic relationships This one seems clear, and may even feel clear. At the same time you are saying ‘toxic
relationship’. I find that words like “don’t” and “no” get lost in the resonance in the world of magic.
Knowing what you don’t want can be a starting point to get to know what you do want. It just takes a bit more planning
or journalling or playing with what works.
In the sense of of the dark moon and releasing, it is still important to be clear on what you wish to release. E.g. “I
release…” instead of “No more …”

Choosing words that resonate make the next step really easy.

When I talk about resonance, it is something within you. You feel it within your body. Full body resonance. It is what
Marion Rose might call a “full body yes”. It can feel energising or calming (or both at the same time), or like a sigh of
relief. You will be free of any anxiety or fear or tension. It “just feels right”
for you.

Feel it

This is what really helps you tap into and open up the magic. If you’re clear on your intention and you have words that
resonate it is easy to connect with that feeling of resonance.
Visualisation is also an effective tool. If you can see yourself in the situation that you wish to attract. Then you can
imagine yourself in the situation and how you wish to feel. Again, connecting with th
My belief is with all magic, that each possibility is out there and all we have to do is align ourselves with that version of
reality. Recently I had a visual similar to a giant universal supermarket, all we have to do is pick what we wish to have
(If you enjoy the idea of aligning with an alternate reality that exists and want to go deeper, I suggest checking out
The Field Project ).

Live it – Taking action
As I mentioned before, the goal is to work with the universe. It is about working together as much as it is with any
team. As I explained in a 2018 facebook live that you may have caught, if you commit to receiving something, you
also need to move forward with it. It is like a relationship, teamwork, or a conversation. It works both ways. If someone
is throwing you a ball, you’ve gotta be ready to catch it.

Even though I listen to, and respond to messages that received from the universe on a regular basis, I still ask for the
next step after spellcasting. I really recommend being open to hearing this and receiving this with any magic. When
you ask at the end of a ritual, the answer or the next step comes to mind immediately. Trust it.

In general, follow your inspiration and the actions and decisions that you feel intuitively. You don’t need to be able to
be a pro at deciphering messages from the universe. You can take a step to living it right now. What can you do right
now to start creating and attracting what you want?

Here’s the thing with intention setting, to have what you want, you sometimes have a bit of baggage that you may
need to grow* through (*term borrowed from Jana Kingsford). If there are any boundaries, blockages, doubts or any
growth that needs to happen to achieve and align with your intention it will be brought to you. The opportunity will be
given to you on a platter. So, if you’ve done the work, expect your intention to arrive. If you haven’t done the work expect to grow through to it before it arrives. Either way, be willing and open to receiving in unexpected ways. Usually, more amazing than you imagined.

Module 3: Enhance and enchant your life

by Cat Kerle | Sex Magic Course


Journal questions to explore

Answer these questions in your journal, or in a document, or in our private forum.

  • What responses do I have during sex (with myself or a lover), or during  Sex Magic vibing?
  • How does this theme reflect in my everyday life?
  • How is life/the universe and the divine messages showing up for me after Sex Magic?