I love doing this ritual as a family.  It is so connecting for my us and the kids, and it is a lot of fun.

You need:

–  A doorway or archway (natural or manmade)

– 2 candles (I use tealights)

– Sparklers (one or two for each person)**


Do this ritual in a doorway, preferably one that leads to outdoors.  You could also do this in an outdoor archway (natural or man made).  You will be stepping through from one year into the next.


Choose one side of the doorway to be the current year (e.g. 2017), and one to be the new year (e.g. 2018).   Generally the inside of the doorway is the current year and the outside is the new year.  If you’re outdoors choose whichever feels right for you, feel into moving forward.
Know what you wish to thank the current year for, and know what you would like in the year ahead.
Place a candle on each side of the doorway (out of the walkway), and place the sparklers on the new year side of the doorway.

If it is on the stroke of midnight that you step through, and you want to combine the first foot tradition, see the variation below.+

Begin the ritual

Light a candle on this year’s side of the doorway stating the year e.g “this is 2017”, then on the other side for the new year stating the year e.g. “this is 2018”.  You can also (safely) mark or carve the candles with the year it represents if you wish.

Have everyone start on the inside of the doorway or archway.  The side of the current year.

Each person takes a turn …

🎇…Thanking this year for something, or sharing something they enjoyed about the year.

🎇…Stating what they would like to invite and welcome in the new year ahead, or you can state your word for the year if that is your thing.

🎇…Stepping, jumping or dancing through the doorway.  Really feeling what you are grateful for, and what you are stepping in to.

E.g. “Thank you 2017 for the opportunities and flow, hello 2018 let’s bring in more love, listening and flow” or “Thank you 2017 for more freedom, in 2018 I invite balance”

The last person to say goodbye to the current year can blow out the candle before they step through the doorway.

Once everyone has stepped through into their new year space, you can each light the sparkler from the candle, representing the light of the new year.

Each person draws a symbol in the air with the sparkler to represent their new year intention, really celebrating the sparkle of your intention being received by the universe (and having fun in the togetherness of it all).

Greater good
I also like to add a symbol and speak an intention for the world, all beings and how we all live.  I find it is fun to use a second sparkler each and as a group draw the symbol together (or share individual intentions and symbols as a circle).   I feel that the power of a group intention for our world and all beings is such powerful magic.
Now you are free to play and celebrate in any way you wish, or continue on with your day.  You can choose to blow out your second candle, or let it burn down safely.  Trust what feels right for you.

For me this is a truly sacred and fun family ritual to enter into the new year together 💖

+ First foot variation

The tradition of the first foot is a Scottish tradition connected to the first person to step into the house in the new year.  They must not have been inside the house at midnight.

If this feels aligned for you this is a variation of my ritual, and not completely traditional.

Make sure you have some gold coins in your pocket, or something that symbolises what you want to bring into your home if you are the first footer.

Have two candles outside, leading up to the doorway.  Repeat the above steps walking from the past to the present without walking through the doorway (you will be heading towards it).  Once you have created your sparkler symbol, then step inside the house (after midnight).

P.s.  If you feel that you’d like something simpler for your new year, have a look at Welcoming wishes in the new year, a simple ritual

*I want to acknowledge that drawing the sparkler symbols were inspired by a spell in Stacey Demarco’s lunar and seasonal diary.  Using the sparklers that we use to celebrate and draw with anyway as a magical tool felt so resonant for me, and such a beautiful use of Everyday Magic, so I have adapted my family spell to reflect this resonance.  I am deeply grateful to have come across the concept.