I’ve had some low points lately, which to me, usually means something new, or a breakthrough, is coming.  I was emotionally low and flat, and then I was physically really sick for a couple of days, I couldn’t move without being sick (I’m still recovering).  So, today, you can imagine how much I really appreciate showers and running water!

Shower magic is one of the simplest and easiest forms of magic, it is awesome for cleansing and clearing our thoughts.  And it is seems to come really naturally.  When I was feeling low and flat, I noticed a sentence on the back of my a body wash on the shower shelf stand at out me “How do you want to feel?”  I haven’t noticed it before, and haven’t noticed it since.  I love this conversation with life.   So, I took some time pondering that one.

This morning I was in the shower, and I saw that my conditioner was looking a bit mouldy and yuck.  This conditioner was great in principle, but hasn’t been that amazing.  It was great at the time, but I really haven’t loved it… but I thought I’d use it anyway.  I had also recently found some of the conditioner that I used to use and got that out.  The thing is, I really noticed the word conditioner, and I immediately made the association of conditioning, and how we are conditioned in various ways to live/act/behave etc.  And of course, I had a little chuckle to myself.   Conditioning is something I often question, and try to work through and let go if I don’t feel it is aligned with myself.

So, today I threw out the old conditioner (which isn’t really that old).  I thought it was the best for me when I bought it.  I thought it met my values, and it worked for a little bit at the time.  I was never really completely happy with it though.  It was nice for a short while, but it wasn’t really wonderful for me.   I have something else that does work for me, it is a bit more modern, and it is a mix of things.  I chose it, myself, a while ago based on the needs I had at the time.

Do you see the magic in the connection here?   Let’s look at this in the light of conditioning.   In this case, let’s talk of conditioning as something that I could have grown up with (e.g. family, school, societal beliefs) and have done a lot of inner and outer work to change, and still find moments of “oh, where did that come from?” … you know the thing?  We’ve all got something I think.

So, today I threw out the old conditioning (which isn’t, in the scheme of things, that old or immovable).  I thought it was the best option, and may have been when I bought into it.  I thought it met my values, and it worked for me at the time.  I was never really happy with it, it never fully felt aligned.  It was nice for a short while, but it wasn’t really wonderful for me.  I have something else that does work for me, it is a bit more modern, and it is a mix of things.  I choose it.  Myself.  Based on my needs.

And this, is the beautiful conversation with life, and the power of Everyday Magic.  Rituals can be big, and planned and beautiful.  They can also be in aligning our actions with our selves, and as simple as throwing out the conditioner.

After this beautiful connection and realisation and simple ritual (actually, it was after I decided to throw it out, I hadn’t even done it yet), a stream of thought came through, and it really seems to be connecting all of the signs and questions that have shown up lately, as they do during the sick points and low points.  I want to be that happy person that cares about everyone, because that is who I am.  I genuinely care about people.  And that doesn’t mean that I pretend I agree with you, it means we have respectful conversation.  It doesn’t mean I hang out with you if I don’t want to, because I value genuineness.  And it doesn’t mean that I am flirting with you because I ask about you, and your interests, it means that we are conversing and connecting.  It doesn’t mean I don’t get offended, or ignore my feelings, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t make mistakes, it means that I acknowledge that we are human beings, and I know how to communicate what I am feeling.  This way of being does not make me vulnerable to danger, it makes me connected.

There are many moments like this when you practice everyday magic.  The conversation, and the magic, and the willingness to tap into the magic, then unlocks the door to these beautiful insights, and a deeper connection with yourself.  Which inevitably makes for more joy, and more connection with others.